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Basic data


Graduate in Design - Bachelor’s Degree in Design, accredited qualification awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

Training profiles

The specialisations of the Degree in Design are: Graphic Design, Digital Interaction, Product Design, and Spatial Design.

Duration // Schedule

4 years // 1st and 2nd year: between 8AM and 2:30PM | 3rd year. Compulsory subjects: between 8AM and 2:30PM | 4th year. Compulsory subjects: between 3:15PM and 9:45PM | 3rd and 4th year: optional subjects: mornings or afternoons, depending on the subject

New access places


ECTS Credits

240 ECTS (60 ECTS per academic year)


146,50 € / ECTS


Catalan / Spanish

Start Date


Cut-off mark 2016-17



The University Degree in Design prepares future professionals to use creativity, communication and technology as tools to transform their environment and create new realities.

Throughout their studies, students will acquire the skills to coordinate, integrate and shape all the factors involved in creating new products, spaces and graphic communication elements.


ELISAVA’s Degree in Design is the result of extensive experience of over fifty years offering education in design, focusing on the role of a designer as a moderniser of society and a promoter of culture. The degree is the result of the School’s own long experience, rooted in rigorous and in-depth understanding of design-related knowledge areas ranging from conceptualisation and creation to design product usage.


The Degree in Design is a four-year programme. The backbone of these studies are the project area courses. Starting with “Project Basics” the first year and ending with the “Final Degree Projects”, they focus on the complexity and particularities of various design process phases.


Academic Calendar GDIS 2015-2016

Study Plan

Degree in Design, list of subjects:

1st Year

1st Term
Methodology of design
Mathematics for design
Project basis I
Principles of drawing

2nd Term
Applied geometry
Shapes, materials and techniques
Project basis II
Services and consumer society

3rd Term
Material and science
Project basis III
Objects, figures and spaces
Architecture, design and modernity

2nd Year

1st Term
Analytic drawing
Physics for design
Project I
Architecture, design and contemporariness

2nd Term
Illustrative and interpretative drawing
Digital laboratory
Projects II
Techniques I

3rd Term
Drawing for design
Projects III
Techniques II
Sustainable products and processes

3rd Year

1st Term
Global project I
Product, context and user
Academic uses of specific terminology in English I
Design, economics and business
Design management

2nd Term*
Mention of communication I
Mention of techniques/technologies I

3rd Term*
Mention of communicacion II
Mention of techniques/technologies II

* International exchange terms

4th Year

1st Term
Global project II
New trends in design
Academic uses of specific terminology in English II
Technology, interaction and society

2nd Term
Mention of communication III
Mention of techniques/technologies III
Optional/Curricular internship

3rd Term
Final Degree Project

Optational Subjects

Mention, Specific Subjects

Workplace Placement and Professional Opportunities

We are known as a university centre capable of generating and transferring knowledge to the business world.

More and more companies contact us, attracted by our proven capacity to implement research and innovation projects. Allowing students to be involved in  business projects creates real learning situations that boost the excellence of their training process.

Having a direct link with the business world during their studies allows students to become familiar with the realities of what awaits them.

Proprietary and International Academic Model

ELISAVA’s Degree in Design trains future professionals who can create communication products, spaces and elements to improve the human environment.

These studies promote the international understanding of the culture of design so that students participate actively in the European university context, and likewise ensure their professional training in line with global market needs

Course leaders and teaching staff

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