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Outgoing Students


Student and teacher exchange and mobility enhances university education, and the School promotes this by establishing networks with international centres that also offer joint teaching, cooperation and research programmes. Studying at ELISAVA opens the door to new academic environments.

For this purpose, ELISAVA has established agreements with over 60 centres in Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel, Asia, Australia and Latin America, and it participates in several exchange, cooperation, and research programmes with foreign academic institutions. Experience enables us to confirm that there is a two-fold benefit: It encourages the circulation of knowledge, and it improves the disciplines taught at the School.

ELISAVA’s international outlook is expressed through various partnerships and programs. The School is part of the Cumulus Network, which brings together the main institutions of the field of design worldwide with the aim of promoting international cooperation. It is also a member of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

In addition, ELISAVA works with the Council on International Educational Exchange, a non-profit organisation designated by the US State Department to manage international student exchange programmes. The school also participates in the Erasmus+, promoted by the European Union with the aim of bringing students closer to Europe and Europe closer to students.

Moreover, ELISAVA has signed bilateral agreements that allow it to extend its range beyond the European context. These agreements are under constant review, and we are constantly working to add new destinations.

Clic below to see the list of centers around the world wich ELISAVA maintains a trade with.