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Master and Postgraduate

ELISAVA's Master and Postgraduate Area has programs that combine general and technical content, which have varying degrees of expertise and have the added value of offering internships in companies, facilitating the employment of students
Màsters i Postgraus d'ELISAVA
Graphic Design, Editorial Projects, Packaging, Comic, Illustration, Apps Design, Data
Comunicación ELISAVA | Máster en Barcelona
Photography, Packaging Design, Advertising, Communication, Art Direction, Branding, Audiovisual Creativity
Àrea de Màsters en Disseny de Producte
Engineering in Industrial Design, Product Design, New Materials, Furniture Design, Digital Modeling
Àrea de Màsters en Disseny d'Espai i Arquitectura
Interior Design, Ephemeral Architecture, Retail Design, Workspace Design, Private Perimeters, Set Design, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants
Àrea de Màsters en Disseny d'Interacció d'ELISAVA
Interaction Design, Web Design, Apps Design, Internet Project Direction, Data Intelligence
Àrea de Màsters en Disseny, Estratègia i Management
Branding, Innovation, Design, Research, Design Thinking, Coolhunting, Trends, Strategies, Management, Entrepreneurship, Retail Design
Màster Universitari Disseny i Comunicació Elisava
Master's Degree in Design and Communication is a specialised and multidisciplinary higher education that provides access to the PhD programme
Programmes in English ELISAVA
Discover the full range of ELISAVA's Masters and Postgraduate taught in english. Welcome to ELISAVA!
Màsters i Postgraus ELISAVA. Tots els programes
The wide range of ELISAVA's Master and Postgraduate programmes are run by efficient concepts and projects that allow our students to tackle new future challenges
Tràmits per a futurs estudiants de Màsters i Postgraus d'ELISAVA
Find out all the paperwork necessary to start studying with us
Premis ELISAVA Professional Edition
ELISAVA Professional Edition Awards reward talent and creativity of the students of our Masters and Postgraduate programmes