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One of ELISAVA’s main objectives is to stimulate reflection in relation to design in the broadest sense.

The Activities and Publications Department is responsible for the whole process of putting together the various collections published by the School, and for the organizing the extracurricular activities through which the School promotes awareness and reflection on the whole range of design-related issues, with lectures by acclaimed guest speakers.

For further information about ELISAVA publications, please contact the Activities and Publications Department:


TdD – Design Issues

Through the publication of various collections of books and the trilingual magazine Temes de Disseny (‘Design Issues’), ELISAVA seeks to contribute, on the one hand, to the debate about design and its links to technology; communication; culture; and the economy, and, on the other hand, to support the training initiatives taking place in these areas. Take a look at the different issues of TdD at


Enric Bricall Grant

Title: Recerca i Disseny. Barcelona, 2006.


Graphic Projects

Title: Diseño e industria gráfica. Barcelona, 2000.

Title: Producción de proyectos gráficos. Barcelona, 2000.


Architecture Projects

Title: Espacios nórdicos / Nordic Spaces. Barcelona, 2001.


Designio Projects

Title: 1971-2000 Escola de Disseny Bàsic. Miscel·lània. Barcelona, 2001.

Title: Ecodiseño de envases. El sector de la comida rápida. Barcelona, 2000.

Title: La imagen de la entidad financiera. Arquitectura y diseño para redes de puntos de venta. Barcelona, 2000.

Title: Treballs sobre la cultura contemporània. Recull d'articles de Jordi Berrio. Barcelona, 1993.



ELISAVA Reports collected every year the trajectory of the School.

Publications of the various documents are available in PDF.